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Dating round bottom bottles

Advertising trays and glasses from breweries are also on our list of wants.Spirits Bottles: Early bottles embossed or labeled with spirit names such as gin, whiskey, rum, bourbon, or rye are always of interest.

Pickle Bottles: Often decorated with embossed designs appearing like cathedral windows, these 19th Century pickle jars are just one sort of early food bottle we seek.

An enameled example may feature a color image such as clasped hands (Union Rye), a rooster (Chicken Cock Bourbon), a horseman (Pedigree or Old Rosebud), a cannon (Old Continental), or an Inspector holding a bottle (Sunny Brook).

Soda Bottles: A wide variety of bottles that once contained soda and mineral water are of interest to us.

Words such as WITCH HAZEL, BAY RUM, or SHAMPOO are often found on such bottles.

Enameled illustrations of children chasing a butterfly or playing tennis are frequently used to decorate these bottles, as are flowers and rural scenes.


  1. Shop for-and learn about-Antique Soda, Seltzer and Mineral Water Bottles. Bottles for mineral and soda water first appeared in the late 1600s. As a group.

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