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Dating roycroft marks

He went to Harvard for a year or two but then dropped out and traveled to Europe and was excited by the ideas of the Arts and Crafts movement that were brewing at that time.

He got the idea that he would go into the printing business so he bought a printing press, made up the name Roycroft, and started printing little handmade books. He was combining advertising and marketing that he had done in the soap business with his philosophy, and was making little motivational pamphlets.

I was collecting Fulper pottery, Rookwood, and Marblehead.

During that first year I bought Bruce Johnson’s Price Guide to Arts and Crafts and read it cover to cover three times.

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The logo would be carved into handcrafted furniture, affixed to leather goods, and added to certain patterns used on china and glassware.

The original Roycroft logo was trademarked by Elbert Hubbard in 1906.

Its inspiration comes from a symbol used by monks in the middle ages at the end of their illuminated manuscripts, signifying "The Best I Can Do Dedicated to God." The double barred cross and circle was used by the Roycroft artisans to identify their handcrafted, high-quality arts and crafts products.

Then he started publishing for magazines using his own press. Hubbard then bought a bunch of property in East Aurora, New York and established an Arts and Crafts community called The Roycroft.

Between 18 he established a bindery, print shop, powerhouse, chapel, blacksmith shop, a whole variety of buildings that looked like a little college campus.


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