Dating sites for political people

So if you're like many online daters, these cues might help you dodge a bullet on your next date—or maybe make you miss out on a great partner who just happens to disagree with you on politics.

I won’t say one bad word about Donald Trump if he gets me a boyfriend.

For those willing to shell out , you will be one of the first to test out the Community Beta Launch (which is still pretty suspect since it’s not a running dating site).

Maple Match Merchandise on sale for .99In addition, the developers have been posting almost daily on the site’s Twitter and Instagram pages and had been doing so even before they were featured on an international platform.

Dating site Ok Cupid analyzed the words on 190,000 user profiles and lined them up with their political leanings and answers to dating survey questions.

The words that line up to politics — and what people want from sex — are fascinating.

Best Part(s): Potential of a launch Many have written it off as a joke, but it could still happen.

A mass email was sent out on June 23 advertising shirts that they have for sale.

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After clicking “single and ready to mingle,” it took me to a “thank you” page that told me to look out for more emails.

Since then, I’ve received two emails from the site, neither of which offered any information on how the website was actually coming along.

I tried to reach out to Maple Match on May 19 for details on a possible timeline, the demographics of those who had signed up so far, if Canadians were signing up in proportion to Americans… I tried again on June 2, and then a third time on June 15.

Here’s what I experienced…Homepage of Maple Match Even though Maple Match had been featured in over 200 publications from NBC News, to TIME, to the Huffington Post, there is quite literally nothing to the site.

While you are able to sign up to be put on a waiting list, it’s just a home page.


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