Dating someone you know already

Instead of going to lunch together why not invite somebody else along.

But if you are happy in your relationship, realise that it’s OK to be in love with somebody and have crushes on other people simultaneously.

It’s not unusual for partners to find out what we’ve been up to via a friend.

It’s normal to be attracted to other people sometimes.

Some people think that affairs are OK providing a partner doesn’t find out.The reality is that for most people feeling attractive and desired boosts confidence and getting this sort of attention from someone, whether we know them or not, can feel really good.What’s not so good of course is where we might constantly seek the approval, admiration and even lust from everyone we meet.Again, counsellors everywhere work with clients who feel that they must conquer everyone they come in contact with.The exhaustion and destruction that this kind of issue can bring to a relationship is enormous and individual or couple therapy is a helpful route if you recognise yourself from that description.Is being exclusive the same as being someone’s significant other? Old me would have said yes too, but now I think I’m changing camps.I no longer thinks it’s possible to accidentally end up in a relationship. You are happily ensconced with your partner when all of a sudden you realise you have developed feelings for someone else.Maybe they are at work and have always caught your eye and you have resisted.Maybe they are a friend who has been right in front of for years, but something has changed. Statistics suggest 50 per cent of those in a relationship have feelings for other people. Maybe they just make you laugh and the everyday drudge of work seem less cumbersome.Depending on where you sit on these things, having a bit of a flirt never did anyone any harm - until of course, it did… Or perhaps you’re just a bit fed up with your partner and in a place where it is easier to acknowledge feelings for someone else.


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