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Dating system before bc ad

The following is deduced: The Sumerian chronology uses a 360-day/year within Precession of the Equinoxes (2580 years).

An extra leap-month is added when system viewed forward or backward.

For example, the tabernacle was built in 1445 BC, one year after the exodus in 1446 BC.

Also, Joseph was a type of Jesus before whom every knee shall bow.

21:5.) Thus, the mirror is an important prophecy given before Jesus Christ foretelling when Christ would be born this king.

Thus, these first two lists of names parallels the two lists in the bible, that is, Adam to Noah to Abraham.However, one can add 432000 to the Sumerian Flood date 20886/27366 themselves if they object.However, the bible says that 120 years would transpire until the flood, and 432000 equals 120 Sars.It happens that the Jews bowed before Joseph in 1876 BC, but the Gentiles the next year in 1875.Ezekiel also tells us that the first exile arrived in Babylon in Dec. This pattern also holds true for the fall of Jerusalem; because, 586/585 BC back to its mirror of AD 585/586 are 390 x 3 years!There are four possible decrees for when the 490 years of Daniel's prophecy in chapter nine begin. However, it seems that each of them are part of a larger puzzle!The 483/486/490 days/years of Daniel 9 are arranged so as to cause the four dates for the "decree to rebuild the city/temple" (Dan.This increases the accuracy of the mirror considerably because now a timeframe must begin within a short margin of two related events and end within a similar margin of two related events, and not just one.(Example: Moreover, the following timeframes are part of a much larger pattern that both precedes it and continues on after it up until our present day.Therefore, there are two reference points for the birth of Christ, the literal and the traditional, which only increases the breadth and scope of its numeric significance when studied closely.For example, see the maximum and minimum dates for the Creation of Adam.)In the following examples, we do not merely see one date connected to another by the mirror, but rather one entire event connected to another by the mirror, with each event lasting a few years.


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  4. Jan 8, 2015. On the other hand, it was a system which required people to remember who had been consuls in past years. Unlike BC/AD dating, which has a predictable order, the Roman system of consular dating didn't follow any particular pattern. Someone in 2015, reading a plaque dedicated in 1995, could work out.

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