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With a video on the process of nail polish making, we’re not only informed, but even more obsessed.Did you know that modern nail polish was inspired by brightly-colored automobile paint?!With new nail varnish formulas, colours and textures constantly being released, you can soon find yourself building up a collection that rivals your local salon!Like most beauty products, nail polishes have an expiry date and so it’s important to ensure you’re constantly streamlining any products that have reached the end of their lifespan, as well as ensuring you're purchasing the best polishes on the market. Can’t Be Wrong, What a Broad, Just a Little Dangerous, Cab Fare, California Coral, Special Request, High Maintanence, Sample Sale, I’m with Brad, Leaf Him at the Alter, Mermaid to Order, Opening Night, Already Famous, Dating the Drummer, Never Enough Shoes Set Two: Dear Diary, How Cute is That? I got these mini polish sets 3 years in a row as a gift, the first and third year I got the same set. Again, these were from Sephora when they carried OPI. **Left: Set One, Set Two Set One: A True Romantic, Techno GIrl, Access 24/7, Ms.The launch of a revolutionary nail polish that can detect common date rape drugs could be just months away.After receiving .5m worth of investment nail-tech company Undercover Colors has alluded that it could finally be for sale in 2017.

Our beauty mentors over at Refinery29 have inspired a major a-ha moment.In 2003 OPI released a polish line for dogs called Pawlish.OPI is well known for their unique and creative polish names.OPI stopped selling dental supplies and began selling acryllics door to door to local nail salons Over time OPI expanded from only selling acryllics to also making lacquers. For the first ten years OPI released two collections a year, Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.Each collection was named after a country, city, or specific area of the world., Natural Environ-mint, It’s Hippo to be Square, Access 24/7, Ms.Can’t Be Wrong, Don’t Feed the Hand Models, Metro Chic, Already Famous, I’m with Brad, Sample Sale, Fiercely Fabulous, Break a Leg-Warmer, Bring on the Snowflakes, Mermaid to Order, I Don’t Bite, Eve-y on the Eyes, Just a Little Dangerous There were very few colors I didn’t like, but these two were the most memorable. I knew I put them away to save for later, but couldn’t remember where. I will continue adding to this post as I get more Sephora by OPI polishes**** I purchased these all from Sephora for .50/5ml.My Sephora by OPI Nail Polish collection includes the following colors: (Lto R) Traffic stopper copper, studs & stilettos, under my trench coat, going nude, eh?We asked Clare Durrant, Senior Beauty Researcher at the Good Housekeeping Institute, for her top tips and insights into when its time to get rid of those bottles collecting dust – and how to make them last longer… Check the packaging ‘Firstly the most important thing is to check the products PAO (period after opening) – this is indicated either on the product itself, or sometimes if the label is very small it will have a hand and book symbol, which tells you that that the PAO label is available either on another part of the packaging ( outer carton) or at the point of purchase, for example in store on the counter.


  1. May 11, 2012. If you've never painted your nails, you are not alone. The nail polish retail market has remained a growth industry over the last five years -- but salons are going just as strong. Getting a manicure is an affordable luxury for many people and there's no reason anyone MUST learn to polish their own nails.

  2. Bring a touch of heaven to everything you do with Color Club proprietary radiant holographic nail polish collection, halo hues. Each out-of-this-world shade features a strong holographic finish that shimmers and shines with a rainbow effect in even the slightest glimpse of light.

  3. Jan 7, 2016. With new nail varnish formulas, colours and textures constantly being released, you can soon find yourself building up a collection that rivals your local salon! Like most beauty products, nail polishes have an expiry date and so it's important to ensure you're constantly streamlining any products that have.

  4. LeChat Perfect Match Gel + Matching Lacquer Queen of Drums #89 0.5 oz 15 mL Each.

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