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Dating the endometrial biopsy noyes

Aiming to assess the effects of ovarian stimulation on pinopode formation, we examined sequential endometrial biopsies from 17 oocyte donors.

Seven normally menstruating women served as controls.

Endometrial morphology and pinopode numbers were similar in both groups.

Fully developed pinopodes appeared in only one sample per cycle, indicating their short life span.

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Informed consent was obtained from all participan... Morphological evidence on early stages of human implantation is limited to very few spor-adic observations.

These potential markers of endometrial receptivity are discussed herein.

It is envisioned that as regulation of these markers is elucidated, their expression may be manipulated to improve implantation rates and fertility or to limit implantation for successful contraception.

All patients gave written, informed consent prior to the study, which had been approved by the Institutional Review Board of Eastern Virginia Medical School. These processes involve a variety of molecules which are not unique in them ..." Implantation in humans is a complex process that involves embryo apposition and attachment to the maternal endometrial epithelium, traversing adjacent cells of the epithelial lining, and invasion into the endometrial stroma.

These processes involve a variety of molecules which are not unique in themselves, but play unique roles in the process of implantation.


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