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Dating the jjang from sang doc

I am a very picky person when it comes to the films and dramas and series that I watch. I don't think the drama is bad, but just nothing special in it. It has just a simple story yet very entertaining... What matter's you laugh and love while watching the show... My biggest problem was Na Ri's character developement. She was a prickly condescending partner for Nan-Gil from the beginning.

I'd recommend this especially when you have already watched every drama out there and have nothing else to watch. I think actually the conflicts are quite interesting but unfortunately they don't deliver it nicely so it becomes boring at the end of the drama. Nan-Gil began as a strong 'namja' and then was emasculated into a henpecked 'oppa'. Worse still was seeing Na Ri goad him into franchising his 'mandoo' (after letting her Dad & Uncle scam them into it).

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if nan gil was adopted as a son who is younger than na ri, the the loan shark will go after na ri who becomes the head of the family cos she's older. pretty funny for people who don't get that simple logic. but, there are a lot of funny scenes, that's why i'm still watching it. dont be creepy about their stepfather-daughter relationship until you watch episode 5... he has it cause he just have no anybody left for him.He requires more depth in his acting, especially for emotional scenes. I now see this drama in a new light and i am no longer cringing anymore lol. So he agreed to marry with her mother because of his over-protecting heart.At first I found it quite cute but after a while, it just seemed so cringe to me. I feel sad for him because he did all that and he's sacrificing his life (but in my point of view, more like wasting it) for Hong Na Ri just to make her happy without asking anything in return! I keep guessing on how will it end but I still can't see the ending though. That's my opinion so a ship Nan Gil and Na Ri soooooo hard! 5 it explained a lot about Nan-Gil past and basically everything up until the beginning of the drama itself.Even though I'm only on Episode 8, I like it so far, I think it's cute.Kim Young Kwang has improved in acting alot, and I'm proud of him :) with his SEXY SELF lol he really knows how to KISSSSSSS. twists and turns and the story itself is different.I really wanted to check out this Drama just it's Flower Boys everywhere and mainly because of Kim Young Kwang & Lee Soon Hyu :) i wonder why some finds this drama boring when it got a lot of spice in it. also, i can't understand why some don't understand the fact that the mother can't simply adopt nan gil.the idea behind the marriage is for nan gil to take full responsibility over the family.I just started this drama and so far for me this drama is quite good.I wouldn't exactly say it's one of the best but it's better than most of the popular dramas.It's just quite disappointing that this drama didn't get enough recognition. No character 'karma' here at all and nothing felt real, from the plot twists with new & never-ending bad guys, to Na Ri's lack of interest in the land that her mother and Nan-Gil loved.Our supposedly romantic couple never truly shared close tender moments, or even 'real' kisses.


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