Dating this site uses keywordluv

If you take a look at the evidence below you will see images of an attractive looking blonde with a screen name Unhyp66.

The exact profile photograph used in the profile on Wild Meets was found on escort sites as well as another dating site called Meet

How do you get “do-follow” links with appropriate anchor text?

You can buy them, ask friends to provide them or create good content that other people link to.

These need to be “do-follow” links which tell search engines that the linked website is a trusted one. Backlinks are most effective when the anchor text to which the link is added is the targeted keyword.I appreciate the extra user generated content you have added to this site.Check out my Akismet stats: Turning off Dofollow and keywordluv has sorted out my spam issues.You also find the following description on most of these blogs: “” This means most do-follow Word Press blogs will have these words: Your [email protected] Keywords.So if I want to find blogs that allow “do-follow” links in a particular niche, I can easily find them by running a search for Your [email protected] Keywords says “Keywords” on Google.If you try to reply back to the messages that you received you will get sent to the upgrade page to purchase a monthly subscription.It's all about money and that's why they try so hard to deceive you into believing that these women sending you messages are legit when in fact they are all fictitious.So why are we receiving messages right after signing up?The answer is is because these women sending us the messages are not real, they're completely automated.This means our dating profile has no photographs, and also no information at all.There's definitely no reason for any women to be interested in us and definitely no one should be contacting us since they have no clue about what we look like or who were are since our profile is empty.


  1. The Greenwashing Blog. Ecotourism, educationthis-site-uses-keywordluv, environment-this-site-uses-keywordluv, greenwashing-in-sustainable-tourism.

  2. This site uses Keywordluv. November 13, 2008 Simon. The point of this post is twofold. 1 I wanted to share my experiences with the plug-in Keywordluv.

  3. For this reason I choose not to include nofollowed KeywordLuv sites in my KeywordLuv Twitter List. Why should you link to bloggers who use KeywordLuv?

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