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Have you been in situations where you couldn’t avoid revealing your salary history, and were you still able to negotiate the salary you wanted (or not)?Psst: We’ve also talked about negotiating a salary and other benefits and asking for a raise, and readers discussed when taking a job with a lower salary is worth it and whether salary or title is more important.At end of the 3rd interview they asked my current salary at my small firm.After pushing I gave it to them — it’s k less than their 1st year associate salary.The digital books above will help you survive to meet others, and help your group to survive and organise to grow into something that can begin rebuilding a civilisation.You will want more than reference and “how-to” books, of course.But we will gladly use machines in any way that will help us to reach the kind of future we want.

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Advanced search for free books Internet Archive has 8,000,000 texts available for download Downloading Gutenberg Collections Harvard Guide to online texts Download the Wikipedia Database How to bulk download files using Firefox Add-ons Even if you can’t save everything, the sooner you get started saving the things you see as essential, the better you will get at that game. Given enough time and care, you may find enough cooperative survivors to begin rebuilding.But how can you replace the knowledge that was lost when everything fell apart? But you should think now about grabbing some of the essential files you may need at such a time.If a man declines to disclose, he gets paid 1.2 percent more on average.” What do you think: Do you have to give your salary history to be a successful candidate?What do you usually do when you’re asked to provide your salary history in a cover letter, in an online form or on a paper application, or during a job interview?Information storage is becoming denser, lighter, smaller, easier to pack and carry. This means that any society advanced enough to develop into an abundant and expansive human future, will need to have a lot of human brains — the better quality the brains, the better prospects for that society’s future.Humans do not want to hand over their futures to machines.Call them your “End of the World Library.” Here are some free sources for many (thousands) of those files: Survival Downloads: (about 30) (roughly 200) (almost 2,000) (over 3,000) page_id=1014 (thousands of PDF books in wide range of topics, dating to early 20th century and earlier) Looking over these link lists of PDF files should give you some ideas.(Note that, depending on the particular law, it’s still legal for companies to ask for your salary history post-offer.) So let’s talk about it today! I have 5 years experience in the exact field I was interviewing for.The firm has their 1st year associate salary posted online.


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