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And when it came out here, [in the United States], it found its audience." What Ivory wanted, Ivory got.

Merchant/Ivory ( and Ruth Prawer Jhabvala ) had done their first movie, The Householder, for Columbia Pictures back in 1963.

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She was careful how she dealt out her time." While by no means as successful as "View" ( and, realistically, there will probably never be an independent movie that is more successful in terms of Oscar and box office ), Maurice, which cost .6 million to produce, took in exactly that much in U.

Born in Berkley, California, and living in New York City, Ivory is now nearly 90 years old.

Well, maybe it was because he was unbelievably handsome and too good-looking for the role of Cecil."But for Clive [in Maurice] he was perfection—appearance, class-wise, in terms of accent and all that.

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