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The cashier’s check is of course a fake, but by the time you find that out you’ve been scammed for the whole of the amount of the check. An account could be opened in your name and you may find yourself being pursued for repayment of a loan that you know nothing about. The reasons the scammers give can be heartrending, “My grandmother is very sick and desperately needs money for medicines.” Or, the appeal can be framed to suggest that if you don’t send them the money they will no longer be able to contact you.The scammer has the money you wired to them and all you have is an air ticket that will take you to meet . ” I need the money to be able to keep my Internet access.” The amounts requested may start comparatively small, but once they know they can scam cash out of you they will tap you for greater sums, you can be sure of that. Incredibly some online daters have been tricked into revealing their social security numbers.

Many a lasting relationship has been formed between two people from different countries, different continents.

Many of us find that the pace of life today and the hours that we work, make it difficult to meet that certain someone.

Our daily lives do not bring us into contact with enough potential partners.

They are so sure that you are the one that they want to spend their life with, only for some complicated reason they are unable to fly out to see you.

One trick used by fraudsters to get your address is to tell you that they have a gift for you and they need your address to send it.


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