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the idea from a seller's viewpoint is to offer some discount but have the buyer showing some "counter action" to earn this special alsopublic affairsexternal datadata that originate outside the organization for which the research is being done.

extreme form of quantity discount occurs when, within a quantity range, the price does not depend on quantity: If one wants less than the minimum amount one has to be pay for the minimum amount anyway.

trade discounts are most frequent in industries where retailers hold the majority of the power in the distribution channel (referred to as channel captains).

national currency de-posited outside the country of denomination: for example, u.

if a proper invoice is received after the 25th day of the month, payment is due on the 7th day of the second calendar alsoexport sellingexport sellingselling to a foreign country with the focus on the product and the emphasis on selling.

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the number of times you sell your average investment in inventory each.

it is the set of choices that has been evoked and is salient as compared with the larger number of available possible alsocost oriented strategy and experience curve effectexperience curve effecta systematic decline in the cost per unit that is achieved as the cumulative volume (and therefore experience) increases./15 net 40 rog - this means the buyer must pay within 40 days of receipt of goods, but will receive a 2% discount if paid in 15 days of the invoice date.

if a proper invoice is received after the 25th day of the month, payment is due on the 7th day of the second calendar month.

most common types of discounts and allowances are listed below.

allowances - these are price reductions given to the buyer for performing some promotional activity., to call attention to activities to promote a company, product, or service.


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