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About the Blog: This blog is dedicated to providing women who are looking for legitimate work or to start and operate a home based business.The blog covers various categories from time management, scam prevention finding your niche and more.Economists had attempted many explanations, but even the best of them suffered from one fundamental flaw: none of them attempted to integrate the explanation of the business cycle with the general analysis of the economic system, with the “micro” theory of prices and production.In fact, it was difficult to do so, because general economic analysis shows the market economy to be tending toward “equilibrium,” with full employment, minimal errors of forecasting, etc.Whence, then, the continuing series of booms or busts?Ludwig von Mises saw that, since the market economy could not itself lead to a continuing round of booms and busts, the explanation must then lie outside the market: in some external intervention.Mises thus for the first time integrated the explanation of the business cycle with general “micro-economic” analysis.The inflationary expansion of money by the governmentally run banking system creates over-investment in the capital goods industries and under-investment in consumer goods, and the “recession” or “depression” is the necessary process by which the market liquidates the distortions of the boom and returns to the free-market system of production organized to serve the consumers.

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We’ll start with the best general and entrepreneurial small business blogs, but if you’d like to skip forward to one of the other categories, go ahead and click one of the handy links below.

Editor/Primary Writer: Daniel Goh Favorite Recent Article: Steps To Creating A Vision For Your Business: Four simple steps to picture your business in ten years, and chart the best course to get there and inspire your people to get behind you and come along for the ride.

About the Blog: Young Upstarts is an online resource for startup entrepreneurs, small business owners, idea people, and intrapreneurs seeking change within their organization.

Trying to figure out your estimated taxes, they have a how-to for that.

Wondering exactly what you have to do to keep on the right side of minimum-wage rules? If you have any legal/technical questions about your business that you need answered, the Big Ideas blog probably has the answers you are looking for.


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