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Demi and sterling dating

The body was designed to look like a jet-fighter from the side (without the wings, of course) and the material used (Lucite) was the same that some wartime planes had in their nose-cones.

There are two easy ways to date the early Parker "51" .

It also, in my humble opinion, is one of the nicest pen designs ever made.

It was the first pen that had the nib under a hood, the thought behind this was not to let the ink have a chance of drying on the way from the ink reservoir to the paper.

The replicas do not (so far) carry any date code imprints.

If your print subscription includes digital access, you will also be able to log in to The Inquirer and Daily News replicas and using the same username and password login credentials.The colours of the vacumatic filler Parker "51": India Black, Mustard Yellow, Buckskin Beige, Nassau Green, early Cedar Blue, later Cedar Blue, Dove grey, Navy Grey and Cordovan Brown.At the bottom a half Demonstrator with the section in clear lucite, note the red ink collector, here's also the rare button filled Parker "51" referred to as the Red Band, which was produced for a few months only from June 1946 until the end of 1947, and the Cartridge Filler Parker "51", produced 1958 until 1962.First, starting in 1943, the year of making was printed at the bottom of the tubular nib, but of course dating from the nib is inexact at best, as the nib is one of the most frequently replaced parts. The small digit denotes the year of making for the barrel.Secondly an imprint can be found on the top of the barrel, just under the cap clutch ring: PARKER "51" 6 MADE IN U. This digit was deleted on the US made pens in 1953 but continued until 1959 on European (and Canadian? he exception were the so called "First Year" pens, "MK 0", if You will, very sought for by collectors, that were produced during late 19. Most, but not all, had an aluminium filler with a diamond shaped imprint on the brass button, others came with the plastic filler.They also had a blind cap with a tassie ring, a feature that later on was fitted to the more high end Parker "51" models � so called "Double Jeweled" or simply "DJ" pens.Also the one-lined date code was situated at the end of the blind cap.Begin van een dialoogscherm, inclusief navigatie met tabs om een account aan te maken of op een bestaand account aan te melden.Zowel registratie als aanmelding ondersteunen het gebruik van Google en Facebook accounts. This imprint was moved up towards the body clutch ring at the end of 1941, from 1942 the imprint was in double lines.The easiest way to quickly spot a First Year pen is that most of them were fitted with aluminium (aluminum) cap and/or tassie jewels.


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