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Most actual theistic Satanist religions exist in relatively new models and ideologies, many of which claim to be independent of the Abrahamic religions.It is generally a prerequisite to being considered a theistic Satanist that the Satanist accept a theological and metaphysical canon involving one or more god(s) who are either Satan in the strictest, Abrahamic sense, or a concept of Satan that incorporates gods from other religions (usually pre-Christian), such as Ahriman or Enki.Some may choose to live out the myths and stereotypes, but Christianity is not always the primary frame of reference for theistic Satanists.Their religion may be based on dark pagan, left hand path, black magic, and occult traditions.

They may promise to help bring about the will of Satan, and seek to gain insight about it through prayer, study, or magic.The group espouses a philosophy known as “Chaosophy”.Chaosophy asserts that the world that we live in, and the universe that it lives in, all exists within the realm known as Cosmos.They believe the Egyptian deity Set is the real Dark Lord behind the name Satan, of whom Satan is just a caricature.Their practices primarily center on self-development. Within the temple of Set, the Black Flame is the individual's god-like core which is a kindred spirit to Set, and they seek to develop.In the Bible, a being called 'the prince of this world' is mentioned in 2 Corinthians 4:4, which Christians typically equate with Satan.Some Satanists therefore think that Satan can help them meet their worldly needs and desires if they pray or work magic.Some spoke of seeing Satan not as someone dangerous to those who seek or worship him, but as someone that could be approached as a friend.Some refer to him as Father, though some other theistic Satanists consider that to be confused or excessively subservient.The Tot BL believes that Azerate will resurrect one day and destroy the Cosmos and let Chaos consume everything.The group has been connected to the Swedish black/death metal band Dissection, particularly its front man Jon Nödtveidt.


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