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‘It’s really important to find out more about the irritability or anger and you can only do this by making time and space to listen.‘If you see that the young person also has problems with sleeping, being tired or fatigued, or is not enjoying their usual activities, those are also symptoms of depression.’ So aside from making time and space to listen, how else can schools support boys who are struggling emotionally, but unable to convey their feelings effectively?This has the potential to turn what should be a pleasant social interaction into an ordeal.Remember, that “hilarious” mate who insists on insulting a woman to get her interest won’t get you anywhere.Natasha Devon MBE is a mental health campaigner and author of the forthcoming book A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental.She believes that we under-acknowledge the mental health needs of boys and young men. If you look at the stats, retirement age is when men are considered at most danger of death by suicide,’ she said.

‘Girls are encouraged to use their words, boys are taught by a culture that still uses phrases like “man up” and “grow some balls”, and that violence is more acceptable than talking.It’s hardly surprising that at primary age we therefore see more conduct disorders [being diagnosed] in boys.’ Dr Shirley Reynolds is a professor of Evidence Based Psychological Therapies at the University of Reading.She says that the issues might arise due to the different ways in which symptoms present among boys and girls.” He replied, “Well, it’s lunchtime and I just wondered if you have had yours yet.” After confirming she hadn’t, he continued: “Shall we go and get lunch together, then?I think it might be fun.” She looked at him with a mixture of bewilderment and awe before smilingly accepting. I fully concede that, for men, chatting up women must be absolutely terrifying.Looking back, he sees he was desperate for love, and discipline was one of the aspects of care that he missed out on having been brought up in transient environments, moving between foster parents and group homes.He went on to attempt suicide on more than one occasion before finding supportive and safe environments in which to explore his emotional issues through therapy. In 2018, a time where there is so much talk and campaigning to understand mental illness, how can exclusion from class for his son be the answer?Girls chatting up men (simply because of the relative novelty of the situation) are almost guaranteed a cheerful refusal at the very least…But the prospect of rejection is much greater for chaps who are attempting to break the ice with someone whose evening has already been interrupted by aspiring Romeos.Yet these studies use a combination of statistical data on diagnoses and asking the young people in question.She explained that if you are female you are more likely to talk about your mental health in the first place, more likely to be understood when you do and more likely to be able to gain access to medical support, but she thinks the idea that girls suffer disproportionately from mental illness is bogus.


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