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And it’s fun to talk about early childhood, for we do establish much of our irrational tendencies as children just coping with life stress.Life, if you're a kid, has inherent stressors, mainly having to do with weird rules and the behaviors of large people. Dysfunctional because while under the influence of an obsessive thought, or a compulsive behavior, whatever else is going on in our lives, whatever else is important, is taking a second to something as small as a pitcher of grape juice.I just emptied this thing.” His tone is upset, confused. I’m using the rack to let them air dry.” “Well, how am I supposed to know what’s clean and what isn’t? You're all thinking, I know you are, this is so obsessive-compulsive, washing before a wash.

Medication is helpful, and surely a couple's therapy is always in order, psycho-education for the spouse, and coaching, even shadowing. But I feel this contaminates the clean ones that are minding their own business, just resting across from the dirty ones. I’m not sure I want to quit washing the dishes 100%.Most high-end knife manufacturers are orthodox on this point.They say: • If you load good, sharp prep knives into the tableware basket along with your forks, spoons and butter knives, collisions that result from the turbulence during the wash cycle can dull the sharp edges.Through copious research, I’ve learned that the clouding of glass attributed to dishwasher detergent is most likely caused by minerals in the water and/or improper water softening — which is not a problem where I live. Modern dishwashers and detergents can handle crusty dishes and breakdown most solids.• Putting dishes that are too clean into a dishwasher can put them at risk.If there’s no food film on the surfaces, the caustic detergent may attack the finish.I’ve become one of those people who washes the dishes 100% before stacking them in the dishwasher. So FD comes home and eats breakfast, wants to stack his plate of crusted bagel crumbs and butter in the dishwasher.He sees the clean dishes and asks me, “Are these clean?Moreover, if you stick knives point-upward into the basket, you run the risk of stabbing yourself as you continue to load the machine.The handles — particularly riveted handles — of good knives can loosen when exposed to a dishwasher’s extreme heat and subsequent cooling.• I do put my good knives in the dishwasher (and have for years without problems). Here are the risks: • Delicate stemware can break from rattling.• Harsh dishwasher detergents can etch glass and cause it to turn cloudy.Get very close to spilling it, but definitely don't.This requires some coordination, but repeat the near accident over and over, each time measuring the length of time the patient is holding his or her breath.


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