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Dna matching for dating service Swungers cam

He was inspired by a well-known "sweaty T-shirt" study of a dozen years ago, in which biologists found that women liked the smell of dirty shirts worn by men who were immunologically dissimilar to themselves.

D., author of “Human Genetics: Concepts and Applications.” The gene gives people either a “long” or “short” component of their serotonin transporter, which recycles serotonin, a neurotransmitter chemical.

Singld Out is working with a service called Instant Chemistry, which carries out the testing for what it calls "biological compatibility." The DNA matching is "just revolutionary.

It's never happened in the genetic testing industry or the dating industry," Instant Chemistry's CEO tells , adding that his company's test showed that he and his wife are "86% compatible." The director of education for the American Society of Human Genetics, however, says the science involved is still in the early stages and it would be impossible to predict long-term compatibility based on the small number of genes Singld Out is looking at.

The companies are careful not to provide any information about users’ genetic health or even details about ancestry, which could tell users if they are related by blood.

At worst, users could find themselves out of pocket for the fee: 9 for a three-month membership.“The idea of basing a dating website or service on a handful of genes is absurd,” Lewis said.


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