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Together with the other student council members, Catalina serves as one of the antagonists in Episodes 13-15.

Catalina is the only dark-skinned member of the student council and the only one with a non-Japanese name.

In response to Kazuma's impassioned plea, he finally breaks free of of his mind-control device, and on remembering his identity, allows himself to fall to his death.

Kazuma weeps for Biff's death on two separate occasions, the past enmity for their first fight forgotten in favor of the memory of their shared oppression.

Anthy's surname means "Princess Palace", which fits her role as the 'princess' who is sought by many and protected by the 'prince' Utena. A member of the MI6 British Intelligence Service, April has the power to create hurricanes.

She starts out on the 'bad' side as a member of an organization antagonistic to the protagonists, but progresses towards being an ambivalent 'good guy', or 'gal' in this case.

Catalina is a student council member at Alya Private Academy, a front established by the Kouga ninja village for training young ninjas.In his interactions with other characters, he brings a degree of humanity to a dark tale of revenge.He clearly has a degree of personal concern for the Count, and also treats his fellow servant Haidee with gentle kindness.that man named Bear Walken, I just can't think of him as a bad person..." Harry, who is Bear's son-in-law as well as boss, also tries in vain to spare him this fate by proposing an early retirement for Walken.But Bear cannot be dissuaded from protecting Harry for the sake of his daughter's happiness.Other characters fight for the possession of Anthy.Anthy is portrayed as sexually permissive, but she comes across as a sympathetic character as the story provides psychological reasons for her behavior.After being taken captive by the authorities, Biff is brainwashed and has his powers boosted.Unable even to remember his own name, he is made to fight against a reluctant Kazuma.Anthy Himemiya is the roommate of the titular character Utena.Anthy, who holds the position of Rose Bride, is a key character who drives the plot.


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