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Dom sub dating web sites

Ok Cupid is free to join, free to search, and free to message.

Plentyoffish dating forums are a place to meet singles and get dating advice or share dating experiences etc. I knew about this type of behavior, and the farthest I ever got was some ass slappin basically.. I would love to find that senerio again in any future relationships?? I also liked the openmindness we kept in try'n "anything" once!

I was trained into this in my last relationship.loved the SUB mentality.. We never got toooo "crazy" but there was some slapin, some mild choking, lots hair pulling, dry runs, rough and agressive play is more like it.

Ich möchte alles über dich wissen, dich in- und auswendig kennen, um dich glücklich zu machen.

and for the record, I don't mean the BDSM community... And a dominant alpha male also gets to pick and choose his woman or women...

so you hve to have what he's looking for in the first place.... I thought in your first post that you stated "in your opinion" and natural dominant alpha male would not be attracted to a submissive female?

That would put all sexual experiences in to one category which is a natural reaction from someone who has not experienced anything first hand. However, none of the things that you listed above is part of my sex life. WHY would you need to just hint around about it here in this world? There are are many different styles out there, like there are stars in the sky.

lol Did you google that and go to the hardcore extreme? Altho this is a good site its not really geared toward D/s. OP, if you are asking if there is such as thing as a Dominant male who is not into "hardcore" BDSM, the answer is yes. I agree with everything Sugah Punkin said, and I'm still confused. Just because someone "looks" nilla doesnt mean they are. Id like to find a man that is strong enough to lead my lil world and and knows when to spank my bottom and pat my head and tell me when Im a good girl. Be honest with the gentlemen you are meeting that you want them to lead the relationship and you will abide by their decisions.


  1. What sites out there allow Dom's and Sub's to meet for free? Just like a URL would be good. I wanna. Dom Sub Dating. Sources https//shrink.im/a0Xai.

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