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The following year Cerullo was reportedly expelled from India after near riots broke out at one of his rallies.

The San Diego Union Tribune said: “Cerullo worked a crowd of 30,000 – many of them sick – into a frenzy for two hours and then pronounced them cured, prompting many in the crowd to call him a cheat”.

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rotations) Equine Vital Signs, Equine Genetics and Weed Identification.

Steve Clifford, general director of the alliance, said on Friday: “Despite the controversy of 22 years ago, he is respected by many in the Christian community and his ministry has been a blessing to hundreds of thousands of Christians across the globe.

I do know that many members of the Evangelical Alliance will be going to his meetings in London and will find them a source of support and encouragement to their Christian faith.”One Christian who will not be going is Belzie Reynolds.

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