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Essence magazine on interracial dating

A woman can complement, encourage, and support a man. I’ve never seriously entertained the “dating/marrying anyone but a black man makes you a sell-out” notion.But apparently this has been a paralyzing fear for many women. There are issues artificially limiting the mate pool for black women. I’ll continue with my own perspective on things, although my blog is not exclusively about interracial marriage.I used to read Essence when I lived with my mom (her subscription) but alot of the messages slid right off of me due to the way I had been raised.Besides that I’m just too selfish to give and give and give (and give) and get nothing in return.Question for my readers out there (all 15 of you, lol). Do you remember your first thought when you heard about interracial relationship blogs? About 45% of the respondents said they’d been involved in an interracial relationship, and 70% said they’d been asked out by a white guy.Also, 81% said they weren’t fazed when they saw a black woman with a white man.

Now break it down by the race and sex of the famous person: Again it seems more or less balanced, though black men are at the top, but look at white women: only two, and both are (were) with a black man who is also famous! A simple answer is to say that women want to marry up while men do not care.

So in American society white women would tend not to marry a black man unless he was rich or famous.

That makes sense of the imbalance given above, but it utterly fails to make sense of the fact that in most black-and-white marriages in America it is the man who is black.

So many black men just want sex from black women too, but is seems that is not a consideration.

I was largely unaware of the “black women’s lot in life is to suffer” programming.


  1. Essence Readers Outraged Over Reggie Bush Cover. Now Essence magazine is dealing with the wrath from their dwindling. I’m all for interracial dating.

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