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Hengest is reported to have cried out “Nimat eowre seaxes”, (Take out your seaxes.) as the signal for his men to kill the Britons.

The herald who devised the arms bearing these three seaxes may have had this infamous incident in mind.

Originally constructed in 1820 as a corn exchange, a third storey was added in the early twentieth century when the building was assigned its new purpose.

Although the parishes of the Suffolk-Essex borders feature heavily in the archive, we include stories from further a-field, particularly where they would have been of interest to local readers at the time.This recognition is reflected in their inclusion in Joshua’ Price’s design of the West Window installed in Wetsminster Abbey in 1735 King Sebert of Essex is said to have founded a church on the site in 604, whence the Abbey developed over the centuries and an arched recess in the building contains the remains of the ancient king of the East Saxons, whose territory at that time encompassed Middlesex and Hertfordshire; the Essex arms appear on the window in token of this association and origin.Several ensuing examples demonstrate the extent to which the arms were recognised as symbolic of the county; in 1770, Peter Muilman published the first volume of his History of Essex, on the front was a female figure with a shield by her side bearing three seaxes; they later appeared on the masthead of the Chelmsford Chronicle, as seen on this edition dated Friday, July 14th, 1815; and they were used on its fire plate, by The Essex Equitable Insurance Society, established in Colchester in 1802 The emblem also appeared on a print of Braintree Market from 1826 and appears on the Essex and Suffolk Fire Office, Colchester, the onetime headquarters of the Essex and Suffolk Equitable Insurance Society.The more mature women may be interested in dating a younger guy out of sheer curiosity of what it feels like dating someone younger, and also because usually younger guys are more “agile,” active, energetic.There are some other compelling reasons for why older women are more attractive to younger guys.John Speed subsequently included the arms in his 1611 atlas, “The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britaine” where they appear twice on a map of the Anglo-Saxon heptarchy, once on a decorative column at the left of the page, denoting the “founders” of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms, where “Erkenwyn” is seen holding a shield bearing the design and again on the actual map John Speed qualified the description that they were used by the ancient East Saxon kings with the phrase “as some of our heralds have emblazed”.There is, as yet, no definitive origin for the three seaxes as the arms of the Kingdom of Essex.We can help you out by the BBC during the three days if there is a term.That higher sex drive translates, among other things, into being more direct with men.In the first he contends that the mediaeval herald who completed this work, following the contemporary practice of referring to Hengest and Horsa, the legendary founders of the Kingdom of Kent, as generic “Saxons”, may have invented the seaxes as “canting arms“, where the devices on a shield are visual references to the names of the people who bear them – this is a common heraldic practice; the herald assigning these to Kent on the grounds that that was the first “Saxon” kingdom to be established.Alternatively, he suggests that the design may commemorate a gruesome but significant chapter in the annals of the founding of the kingdom, the so-called “Treachery of the Long Knives“, recorded by Nennius and made famous by Geoffrey of Monmouth, when Hengest’s forces, gathered to negotiate with the Brittonic (British or ancient Welsh) ruler Vortigern, concealed their seaxes under their cloaks.


  1. Essex’s fearsome flag was included on the registry from its. they later appeared on the masthead of the Chelmsford Chronicle. dating from 1921.

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