Eva mendes dating larry david

Something tells me neither of them fall into that category.

Or is it like that cliche where funny people aren't funny when they're not supposed to be funny? You didn't see them sitting together and her rubbing his back. She wants him so bad but she's a c-nt face loser and he has no time for her after a quick f-ck and pull." No matter that I was with several others, all journalists, including society columnist Shinan Govani from the National Post, and my eagle-eyed friend Laura, a producer for etalk, and we all saw the same sh-t go down, when you are a super-fan, and you can only accept one narrative: everyone else is on crack.

It was a big studio movie and I was like, I don’t want makeup on, eyeliner kind of down here, because I had slept with my mascara on, and it’s amazing how many people kind of fight you on that.

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And I try to sneak it in there actually, in a lot of films, you can’t really notice, but even in “Hitch,” like I did the scene after the night where Will spends the night at my place, and that next morning, I had no makeup on.We took about a two-hour drive, where I grew up, where I went to school, different places, then we stopped at this little park that I used to go to, and it was beautiful. It’s not so much that it reminded me of Schenectady, it was the idea of coming from nothing.We weren’t poor, but we were lower, lower middle class, and [I was familiar] with the struggle.And I started shaving, shaving, shaving, and I almost shaved them all off. [laughter] And I thought, that might change the shape of my face a bit, so I did a little bunch of tricks like that, besides the obvious of absolutely no makeup.And then using a pencil to draw in some stuff, and like the scene at the hospital when I am with Jason, that whole night, I didn’t sleep, like in my hotel room, in the Holiday Inn in Schenectady, drinking coffee, coffee, coffee, and not sleeping, because I wanted to look haggard, delirious.And then he leaves and she stays in her normal, kind of quiet, quiet life.Why does your character show up at the fair where Luke is working if she doesn’t want to hook up with him again?The actress, who is now dating Gosling, talked about the film at a junket recently in midtown Manhattan.She politely refused to answer any personal questions about her relationship with Gosling, but noted that she’s excited about filming Gosling’s debut directing effort, “How to Catch a Monster,” which he also wrote, in Detroit this summer. She was dressed simply in a patterned dress designed by Pierre Cardin.There’s obviously this incredible chemistry between you and Ryan on screen.Part of your character can’t stay away from him, so can you talk about acting with Ryan Gosling and how you brought that out, that interaction with him and what you did?


  1. Sep 6, 2011. The costars have a PDA-packed date over the weekend; "this was just a matter of time!" says a pal.

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