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Evan dando juliana hatfield dating

She herself spread the rumor that she was a virgin. Just how “friendly” they were is a matter of much debate.

Our time machine has a factory setting of “1992” as the destination year, and while we have figured out a way to get it to work with other settings, that’s the one that works best. The Lemonheads started as a punk band in 1986, centered around their mercurial frontman Evan Dando.

Once they discovered that they had a mainstream hit on their hands, the record company changed the title of the song “Drug Buddy” to “Buddy”. There’s speculation that the song “Ceiling Fan in My Spoon” is about heroin.

It’s silly that their objection wasn’t about the content or the theme. There’s speculation about a lot of songs being about weird things.

I’ll point out that while I like the song a lot, I’ve always hated one of the lines that Juliana delivers. I’m also on the fence about the fact that her vocals are treated differently.

I don’t know if they’re double tracked, or if there’s a ton of delay on them, or both, but it makes it sound almost as if her vocals were recorded completely independently of the rest of that song.


  1. The official website of Boston musician Juliana Hatfield.

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