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Everquest launcher stuck at updating

sometimes it happens every 5 mins and other times i can go days without [..] View Hi all, I was just wondering if anyone on the forums knows where to find just a plain old Wingmaw for the Imperial Beastmaster of Balmorra achievement. I logged there I go to log in to pick up where I left off to find I'm Banned which doesn't make much sense or is fare since I just started again.I've tried to find it online but no luck so f [..] View I have noticed that the lightsabers in game have become almost see through, and what I mean is that say if you angle your camera so that the saber is in front of your character, you can see a silhouet [..] View I was recently disabled from my account twice and never been refunded and told why my account was disabled. I would greatly appreciate you un-ban me ASAP was looking forward to binge gaming this weekend after a hard week of work.I have 2 fresh 55's and neither have done them but I can't seem to get the SOLO option a [..] View As the title says i have download the patch the game is ready to be played but once i press play the launcher disappears and nothing happens.I have try to fix the launcher and run it as administrator [..] View War gestern vor dem Patch Lv51 auf Corellia und hatte keine Pronleme mit den NPCs als Gegner, aktuell Lv49.All of my Senator's Loungers, Sienar PR-7 speeders, Fountains and Holocom Device [..] View I was expecting issues on Day 1 of 3.0 as most major patches with MMO's are a little wonky on that day, but from Day 2 on I keep getting weird spurts of lag spikes (my latency is fine usually 20-40 ms [..] View The Heroic Moment cooldown bug has been with us for quite some time now.:) Don't you think this is a Qo L issue which merits some sort of update in light of the recent ginormous patch?I [..] View Looking to start a discussion about the viability of Sorcerer/Sage heals for ranked (and regular) warzones, by themselves and also compared to the other healing classes.

Am I able to go through the twitter link and still purchase my subscription and cartel coins, [..] View Im trying to get Revan's double-bladed lightsaber and I've been reading conflicting posts about how...You'd think with being a higher level your story and combat XP points would be much more than they are...Trying to get to level 55 befo [..] View Before I get down to what I need help on let me say that I am not exactly a new player.and I havent found anything post-2012, so it could all be wrong by now.I've seen its either a c [..] View So what's the deal if you're waiting for next week to roll the xpac, get that resilient final XP point and head on towards level 60... do you just stash all your comms until you qualify for the [..] View Since Shadow of Revan update, mounts don't show as unlocked for stronghold.t=779136 Can you guys please hurry up and fix this please?! All I wanted to do today was finally decorate my stronghold and I cannot [..] View I am really disappointed with the patch you put out the losing of skills the money loss and the total ridiculousness of damage that some creatures do.I would like to know when an immediate fix for al [..] View Hello I am wondering of the solo forged alliances missions are for accounts that preordered before Nov.2 only??Curently I use the SSN client, I have retail client 159 installed and the upgrade files from 159 to 160....I also found two new folders named 'p [..] View OK, this is just *********** ridiculous, second bracket with lvl 55.Heute nach dem Patch hauen einen Silberelite auf einmal mit drei Schlgen bzw.Schen runter [..] View may I recommend taking a look at the everquest 2 system of solo instances, they have a really good system going on there for solo instances, you actually get loot from them and it makes the replayabil [..] View For those who purchase Shadow of Revan.


  1. Im stuck on starting battlenet launcher. is it down? BFA Live. Starting battlenet. Post Reply. Return to board index. Post by taz425 im stuck on. Everquest II; Sign Up

  2. EQEmulator is an open-source Everquest emulation project for creating custom Everquest. how do I manage my launcher. Updating and Maintainability Mar.

  3. Diablo 3 stuck at “Updating Setup Files” Fix. „The Update Launcher is stuck because of Internet Explorer. EverQuest’s Newest Progression Server.

  4. Everquest, next to Ultima. Mouse Cursor Stuck. When I tried to log in a few months ago I got this error after click PLAY in the Launcher. I tried updating the.

  5. EverQuest II is the shitty. so you pretty much stuck with the first 3 easiet. Eternal • EVE Online • EverQuest • EverQuest II • Final Fantasy XI.

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