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Expatica dating belgium

Expat executives need to network to facilitate business and gain local credibility.

Non-working expats, need to network so they know who to call for X, Y or Z – especially if they (or their children) are rushed to the emergency room and need a translator and/or moral support at 2am.

Looking for expat housing in Brussels can be challenging, especially when busy with work and the logistical aspects of making the move abroad, whether for the short or long term.

Meeting a ‘significant other' can be especially hard when you're an expat in a foreign country.

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Here's a guide to tenants rights in Belgium, where to search for a flat in Brussels or another area of the country, and more....(If you want to contact Expatica for any other reason, please follow the instructions on this website's contact page.) The details you provide on this page will not be used to send any unsolicited e-mail, and will not be sold to a third party. Housing in Belgium that's to let generally comes unfurnished.At Expatica, you can find listings of Belgium's women's clubs, parenting groups and social clubs.For our full listing of groups and clubs, visit Expatica's A-Z listings. Go Forth and Enjoy Whether you came to Belgium for work, business, love, the adventure or just the chance to start a new life, this dynamic region offers a wealth of opportunities for you to recreate your life and identity here.You never know how the pieces of the puzzle will come together later. Toma is an American who has lived abroad in France, the Netherlands and now resides in Germany.Rather than looking at the loss of her traditional career as a sacrifice to her husband’s career, she looked at her time abroad as the perfect opportunity to pursue her ideas and passions – even if it took her a while to decipher what these really were.Exercise, join a sports club, socialise with new people, travel and explore, start a new hobby, write a blog, attend motivational seminars. Read the monthly magazines of local expatriate groups, grab some books about women abroad, read local expat blogs, and join local Facebook, Linked In and Meetup groups to meet new friends in your local area.2.Think Creatively About Work If you do not have a ‘job’ but think that you would like to work in some way, think creatively about what you can do.You might not speak the same language as the locals, or understand cultural differences or the ‘rules' of dating there – and how do you meet all those other expats?In the Cartus 2013 Trends on Global Relocation, 29 percent of expats were single.


  1. Marking International Women's day, Andrea Martins encourages expat women to make the most of their time in Belgium. Here are her six top tips. Insider information on living in Belgium, from expert opinions to personal anecdotes. We share your experiences.

  2. LATEST EVENTS. Museum Night Fever 2018 · Manneken-Pis in the Ordre du Glossaire · Manneken-Pis and the "Europese Carnaval Vrienden" · Rugby. Belgium - Germany · Currency Zone · Expat Deals · Moving Quotes · Dating · Survival guide · Health Quotes.

  3. What you need to know about working in Belgium, from job searching to starting a business.

  4. Looking for love? Interested in making new friends? Meet the most eligible internationals at Expatica Dating in more than 60 countries worldwide. Registration is free – just choose your country and you're ready to go Belgium I France I Germany I Luxembourg I Moscow I Portugal I Spain I Switzerland I Netherlands I UK.

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