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Click the button below to download the latest version of the APDS-9960 breakout board project, which includes the Arduino library. Unzip the downloaded file and navigate to Open up the Arduino program and select File → Examples → Spark Fun_APDS9960 → Gesture Test.Plug in your FTDI Breakout (3.3V) to the Arduino Pro (3.3V).The Avago APDS-9960 offers ambient light and color (as clear, red, green, and blue) measuring, proximity detection, and gesture sensing.The APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor board breaks out the pins on the Avago APDS-9960 so you can easily use it in a variety of projects.There is another problem, even assuming a computer could magically fill your consciousness with usable data.

Exuberant cheerleaders like Ray Kurzweil are quite confident we are approaching a moment when a computer will exhibit all the power of the human brain.Each one of them proliferates false information in cascades. Each and every false datum generates a wider and wider stream of lies, and the streams, becoming rivers, overlap and produce oceans of contaminated information. ALL THE LIES AND HALF-TRUTHS AND FAKE NEWS WE’VE BEEN FEEDING YOU THROUGH YOUR SCREENS ALL THESE YEARS? YOU WON’T KNOW WHAT’S HAPPENING, SO YOU WON’T BE DISTURBED. The oceans of false information that circulate in this world—and are loaded into the super-computer—would be yours. NOW WE’RE SHOVELING IT INTO YOU DIRECTLY THROUGH YOUR BRAIN. If, instead, you want to look for a program that would discount such a presumption and would reject institutional secrecy, a program that would undertake a relentless investigation of the quality of data, there is a potential candidate. Touchless gestures are the new frontier in the world of human-machine interfaces.Attach a USB mini cable from your computer to the FTDI Breakout.If you have not previously done so, install the FTDI drivers. language:c /**************************************************************** Gesture APDS-9960 RGB and Gesture Sensor Shawn Hymel @ Spark Fun Electronics May 30, 2014 Tests the gesture sensing abilities of the APDS-9960.In journalistic terms, your brain would AUTOMATICALLY be subjected to untold numbers of “mainstream reporters obeying the parameters laid down by their editors and corporate owners.” The result? Absurdly limited context, deception, fatuous presumption of authority. By swiping your hand over a sensor, you can control a computer, microcontroller, robot, etc.One manufacturer has even created a touchless toilet that flushes when you move your hand over the tank.


  1. Brain-computer hookup equals mainstream news The fatal flaw in the human-computer interface by Jon Rappoport July 17, 2017 There is a great deal of.

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  3. Click to share on Facebook Opens in new window Click to share on Twitter Opens in new window “Well this whole thing started up a year ago. Jax was DMing me on.

  4. The ZX Distance and Gesture Sensor is a collaboration product with XYZ Interactive. The very smart people at XYZ Interactive have created a unique technology that.

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