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That is not how you pick up a female bartender dude. What does every guy that actually owns a brain other then the little guy down there AND a bar or club do, when he wants to attract as much people to his joint as possible, and get them to come as often as he can?

Like it or not, but he gets himself a good looking staff.. That’s why, more often that not, when you go to a GOOD bar or club..there are hot female bartenders or waitresses working, and walking around the place.

It’s not as though you must do all of the above, when your dog is in heat.

Dogs differ in terms of restlessness, activity, symptom strength, attraction to males, etc.

There’s not much too it, but this isn’t the first email about how to pick up a female bartender. You know, bartenders, waitresses.although I don’t have any approach anxiety whatsoever, or FEAR rejection and just go and talk to them.. And although I sometimes end up talking to a waitress for half an hour or something, they almost always quickly lose interest in me and we just end up chatting with a “hey friend” kinda atmosphere around the whole interaction. I don’t want to be the friend, I want to actually DATE these women!

That’s a good thing, as mosquitoes are considered one of the deadliest animals on the planet.

However, the more you take advantage of the above ideas, the more comfortable your dog (and you) will feel.

This article is a part of the series about dogs in heat.

Those tiny, buzzing pests carry diseases such as malaria, encephalitis and yellow fever.

They’re also known to carry heartworm, which can be deadly to your dog.


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