Actually, Israel is the latest nation to completely halt water fluoridation, mandatory and voluntary.

Fluoridation ranks with GMO’s, chemically tainted toxic foods, and vaccinations as crimes against humanity.

Several international studies to date have demonstrated that fluoride added to water is causing numerous health complications, including reduced IQ ratings among children.

The notion that drinking fluoridated water contributes to healthier teeth has not been proven, and is slowing disintegrating into thin air.

They’re of the old school perception that if you don’t drop dead or get seriously ill immediately, it’s not toxic.

If others wish to use fluoridated toothpaste or have their dentists coat their teeth with pharmaceutical grade fluoride, both of which have lethal consequences if swallowed, that’s their business.Their concerns are based on everything from legitimate scientific research, to freedom of choice issues, to government conspiracy theories.This is a review of the possible link between water fluoridation and cancer.But forced medication that’s beyond unhealthy is our business.Over 70% of American municipalities fluoridate their water supplies.Resisting and overturning this forced medication health hazard in each city or county is important.In the meantime, protect yourself and family by filtering your water with combined carbon and reverse osmosis filtration.So the solution was to sell the governments and the public on using fluoridated water to bolster dental health.Then have municipalities pay to put it into their water supplies.Recently, it has been discovered to accumulate even more in soft tissue such as the thyroid and pineal glands.Dental fluorosis from daily fluoridation has been documented.


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  2. Community water fluoridation is the adjustment of fluoride in drinking water to reach a level that can help to reduce tooth decay.

  3. Define fluoridate to add a fluoride to something, such as drinking water to reduce tooth decay

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  5. The British Fluoridation Society provides evidence based information on fluoride and all aspects of water fluoridation.

  6. Nebraska If a city or village is not fluoridating by Jan. 1, 2008, the voters of the city or village may adopt an ordinance between April 18, 2008

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