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No attempt was made to persuade or urge anyone to do anything they were uncomfortable with. The mood and atmosphere from start to finish was friendly, chilled, mellow, and often humorous.But within this I was able to enjoy some quite intense experiences.I only hope that I was able to provide you all with some of the pleasures you gave to me.I thoroughly enjoyed the party and would highly recommend it to both newbies and experienced players alike.But having been tied up very securely, within minutes, it became obvious that I was in for a real treat as these ladies seemed to be able to read my mind.I went with the flow, although in fairness when you are bound and gagged, there is little else you can do!

However that nervousness very quickly disappeared, and as I was put at ease I found myself able to enjoy a wonderful evening full of pleasures (both physical and mental) which took place in a welcoming, clean and above all safe environment.Although the key was returned to me on my release, the Goddess stipulated that I should continue to keep the locked device on, even throughout a tennis match I’m due to play the following day, and possibly my Thursday pilates class.Maybe I should also retain my fuchsia nail varnish?!This difficult but necessary balance between fun and intensity seemed to be quite effortlessly achieved.The Dominas themselves worked very well both as a team and as individuals.As the the name suggests, I felt like I got ‘beautifully destroyed’ that evening.I left into the icy cold night but this didn’t matter a jot because of the lovely warm feeling I had inside and the huge silly smile I had on my face.I was considered to be a potential applicant for the role of prison bitch.The mistresses took the opportunity to take some photographs of my plight, some of which will be half-way round the world on the internet by the time you read this.The whole thing just seemed so effortless throughout, but I’m sure that can only have happened because of the amount of thought, planning and sheer hard work that must have been put in beforehand.My thanks go to you all for an evening full of sweet memories, and when I say ‘all’, I of course mean Foxtress too, without whose hard work I suspect the party could never have happened – not to mention her own occasional interventions in the proceedings!


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