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Babes, Crazy Horse III and Deja Vu are topless while Palomino, Talk of the Town, and Little Darlings are fully nude.I like the extra time at Little Darlings (club review / club website) and Deja Vu Showgirls (club review/ club website), with Little Darlings having the edge for full nudity and Deja Vu having an edge on high mileage.Little Darlings offers an excellent selection of dancers.In most cases, the VIP rate is actually based on three songs, not 10 minutes. Some of the less expensive options are among the best rooms in town for privacy, comfort and dancer selection. Few visitors to Vegas strip clubs, including those who visit regularly, realize how greatly the VIP room prices differ from one club to another.I’ll also tell you when and how you can negotiate for a better price.

Both clubs’ rooms are very private and comfortable and similar in size. The point is, if you just look at quoted VIP room prices, you may not be getting a fair comparison. I’ll describe the rooms, the amount of comfort and privacy they offer, and give you charts of the full costs of the rooms to make it easy for you to comparison shop for the best experience and the best deal. In this survey, I’m going to cover all of the VIP options at the major Las Vegas strip clubs and even a few of the lesser known locals’ strip clubs.Most clubs now offer at least a few private options, usually for a higher price than their group VIP.That’s because the clubs have realized that guys are willing to pay more for privacy.But Babes’ price includes two drinks, while Crazy Horse III requires a 5 bar tab in addition to the 0 charge for the room. The charts below show the full cost of each club’s VIP, with a breakdown of the room and liquor charges.My view is that there’s no reason to spring for the VIP unless you’re getting something for the extra cost.Read on for a discussion of the different types of VIP (group VIP vs.private room) or skip straight to the comparison charts. The was once the most common type of Vegas strip club VIP room.The rooms are generally furnished with a comfortable couch or bed and sometimes a small table and lamp, but not much else.Some clubs offer private VIP rooms with special amenities.


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