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Our volunteer moderators are the reason 321 Chat has been around for over a decade-- please be respectful of them, as they help enforce our rules which keep this site fun and friendly.From giants like AOL and Yahoo chat to smaller startups like Rounds, Meebo and Stickam.Read this article to find out why your favorite chat closed down.Action chat is provided as is and for entertainment purposes only.Digi Chat software was created using Java, a popular programming language in the 90's.We have offered Digi Chat rooms to our visitors since our inception but it is no longer possible to run the software.We have bent over backwards to keep it going but changing technologies and security standards have forced its closure for good.We already have rooms that cover BDSM Lifestyle, Slavery, Domination, Bondage, Sadist, Masochism, Obedience, Punishment, Torture, Humiliation, Scening, Roleplay, Sense Play and even a Slave Auction.Come join the change at, where the journey is limited only by your imagination.As experienced chatters and chat room administrators, we saw a need for a different kind of chat software, so we developed the chat software we use on our own, in-house.We wanted everyone to be able to use it, and for it to be safe, secure, and compatible with as many devices and browsers as possible, so we made that our primary development goal.


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