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All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.Why get bogged down with inconvenient registration pages when you don’t have to? They were * halted in Bihac on Saturday, appairnt- * ly by the news that Croatian special ’J, police forces were waiting in 25 jeeps . Thursday is hereby designated as the day of the week on which legal notices will be published. Bilingual Continued from A2 state better served by a slower process v aimed at producing future academic. spots, rocks; Idaho City-Lowman, icy spots, broken snow floor, rocks; Low- man-Banncr Summit, icy spots, broken snow floor. , Forbes’ denied it, but Gramm aides quickly distributed n magazine column in which ; Forbes said the idea of an amendment was “fraught with danger.’ Alexander, moments after con- fronting Dole, also went aggressively. Alexander also told Forbes the only thing he'd ever run was a magnzinc he had inherited, "and you raised the price on that. " - - • • After watching quietly for a few rounds, Pat Buchanan said, “1 want to be fair and join in the piling on a little bit." He said the Forbes approach would favor the rich by not taxing . • ’ • I late west portion, snow level above 7,000 feet Highs in the 50s. Mfllll B SCCS f OOt of SHOW* winds gust thr Today sunny, and hazy. Officials of the NATO force said 2 last week that about 250 mujahedeen 2 ' — down from a one-time high of 800 ; — remained in Bosnia. Official city and county newspaper pursuant to Sec- tion 6C-108 of the Idaho Code. “We need to coroe together and talk about what counts as ’literacy," said Kris Gutierrez, an assistant professor of education at the University of Cali- fornia, Los Angeles, who has done ex- . Meadows, icy spots, fog Idaho 21 — • Boise-ldaho City, dry, icy . 20 — Mountain Home-Carcy, dry; Arco- Ashton, diy; Aahton-Montana line, icy spots, broken snow floor. Phil Gramm recalled that Forbes opposed a constitutional amendment ; would require a balanced budget. plan would be a “disaster for America" because it would cause a real estate crash by ending the mortgage interest dcdaction-and also would raise taxes on the middle class "A truly nutty idea in the Jerry Brown tradition," said Alexander, recalling the Democratic presidential contender who proposed a flat tax in the 1992 campaign. Pag* HI Buhl battles Jerome The Buhl girls’ basketball team tried to secure a No. Class A-2, Re- gion 4 race, traveling to Jerome Satur- day. tween Croats and' Muslims — supposed' al- lies under the Dayton peace agreement — even as President Clinton was patting NATO’s back for ending the fighting in Bosnia..' The artillery due! It was" the primary objective of NASA’s nine-day mission. peter York at 733-0931, ext 252 or 253 ; Sunday, January 14. Home-delivered meals Activities Monday Pool at a.m. »■ 420 Main St • KRENGEL’S TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 626 Main Ave. fond farewell to flying pizzniand the old Twin Falls airport terminal. Bosnia-Herzegovina — Ar- tillery exchanges were reported Saturday- be- . The capture 290 miles above the Gulf of Mexico, at an orbital speed of 17,500-mph, ended several hours of tension on Endeavour and in two control centers on opposite sides of the world. AGAIN THANKS SENECA GREEN GIANT FOR SPONSORING THE BUHL HIGH SCHOOL ’ NEWSPAPER IN EDUCATION To help sponsor a dassroom contact: V , / ■■ V Ty Ransdel T or ! THEGYROSSHOP KERBS OIL ^ SPUDLAND VIDEO & GIFTS **•■* = — .. ; Police called local, hospitals, but nobody " had ’checked 'inf “with' t Hat‘prob Tcm,”Rjaiii;' said. ’ Page F-5 Sunday, January Banda Mparaia high |amp«raturs zoom for tfw day, t*. to date: .51 Water year to date: 4.64 Normal year to date: 3.56 Magic Valley Today mostly sunny. (AP) — A Japanese astronaut sent into orbit aboard the space shuttle Endeavour retrieved his country’s science satellite Saturday after its wayward wings were clipped. Tnr Friday at-thc-Department— ~cadr Qrgnnizatioii'has-to offer:— of Health and Welfare, 601 Please note change of location • Providers TWIN FALLS - The Twin Pole Line Road. The next ,, Falls Service Providers meet- Participants will shore infor- meeting will be held March 8. 03 Pirrong * M -pm EC-303 Intermediate Econ 03 Twight T -pm IS-310 Intro Manag Info Sys , 03 Wojtkowski W -pm FI-303 Principles of Finance - 03 Barney Th -pm C;ill today for information . S The study was small- and it J remains unclear whether similar j - benefits can be. gradually lose '-vessel flexibility./; Vt 1 ' ‘fa ' WE HAVE THE HOME YOU’VE BEEN LOOKING FOR!! Witnesses said a razor blade also was found, but it was not there when police ar- rived; he said. 21 _ Normal 35 10 .04 m Precipitation Month to date: .11 Normal mo. New York City ♦ Historic 50-barrel copper brew kettle used in Chicago until Prohibition ♦ Antique spiral staircase from the original True Blue Brewing Company, North Hampton, Penn. •- ♦ Bistro for meetings and special j events j • ♦ Libra ry/conversation area ♦ Two standing bars; dart game area[ ♦ Brewery tours on Saturdays a.m., | or by special arrangement j fci) if3 1 Sty g¥l tom rmmi satellite after solar-panel trouble CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. Wednesday Boise State University Division of Continuing Education _ and the College of Business and Economics -Magic Valley Program 1 996 Spring Semester Schedule of Classes • Classes Begin January 16 AG-304 Intermediate Acto I . •-Teke-one;c1ass orsign up full time • the program any semestai • Three-year schedule of classes available • Visit the BSU/Maglc Valley coordinator for advising and registration in the Taylor Bulling, CSI campus. 2284 i Vitamin C I helps diabetics The Washington Post ; Liquid doses of vitamin C infused ' » directly into the bloodstream con «'• improve blood-ves Sel function in -8r «d u I^rabeti CTT-posribly-irverting: - ; cardiovascular complications later ; in life,' a new study suggests. diovasculnr diseases diabetics are I*; especially prone to, including h eart ;' failure and blindness. • Blood vessels -normally constrict ;{'and dilate in response to various ri c hemical : signals in jhc body, but ■ jj diabetics they gradu^ljno Sfftll J; , nbljity, a loss that apparently con- f ttibuti»:to diabetics’ increased risk j ofivascular diseases/ Doctors don’t »'• diabetics.

"Wc need to shy with respect to Senator Dole that it may be your turn but it is not your rev- olution. Dole shook his head and said to Gramm, “Next time you’re in town, let’s talk," o poke at Gramm for missing so many votes while off campaigning. Democrats werp evenly divided with 45 percent wanting Dole to give up his leadership role and 45 percent disagreeing.

Idaho: High, 53 degrees at Burley, Malta antj Hagerman. Milder with highs in the 30s west to mid-40s east Nation: High, 83 at Ramona, Calif. Circulation Ty Ransdell, circulation director Circulation phone lipes are open bc- tween 7 and 10 a.m. If you do not re- ceive your paper by 7 n.m., call the number for your area; Jerome- Wendcl l-Gooding-Hagcrman '.-2535' Durtcy-Rupcrt-Pmih Oa Hcy • — r • 678-2352 □uhl-Caatieford 543-4648 Filcr-Rogenon-Holliiter 326-5375 Twin Falla and all other areas 733-0931 News Clark Wdworth, managing editor If you have a new* tip or with to talk to lomeone in the editorial department,' call 733-0931 between a.m. Buchanan said the Forbes plap was "worked up by the guys down at the yacht basin." Forties attributed the attacks to "life- time politicians” desperate to protect the status quo in- Washington.

^»i^^h^JStiona^ra Ut^«vicer Bdioban^^HF^FMT62.4or I62i55. ’ just across thc borderloesccrtthc Is-: Inmic fighters out of the country. SO;, strongly against u* and so keen on helping our. Pori mailer, please send change of ad- dress-form to: P. investment income while forcing mid- dle-class workers to pay taxes.

Highs in the upper 20s west to near 40 east of Boise. would be off the tabic in the quest to' trim, federal spending and balance- the budget.

for schools and new roads used to attract indushy to the state. The first question at the -Des Moines Register forum was what programs .


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