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You can’t really wear the skimpiest clothing around your neighborhood, but you can wear them away to full glory when you’re at a beach getaway.Your partner can see you, your sexy cleavage and those oh-so-hot shorts in full public view, but yet, can’t really have sex with you right there.And this carnal frustration will only increase the sexual passion and the desire to rip those clothes off the minute you guys get some alone-time.

Real fun on the beach for couples From our past lessons on having fun on the beach, we’ve seen that you can have fun in a crowded place, being the centre of attention.Think like frisky bunnies and fool around in the blue waters.It doesn’t matter who’s around as long as you’re moderately discreet.Or, you can do it discreetly, while having sex in a quiet hideaway.But seriously though, that’s not much of a turn on though, is it?So if you’re planning to stay on the shore for a couple of hours, make it a point to go commando.It feels liberating and daring, and yet, no one knows it but you and your partner.A stranger’s hands running all over your naked body while your partner watches you will only make your partner desire and want you more![Read: A happy ending massage confession] #5 Wear revealing clothes When you’re vacationing at a beach spot, going commando can be a personal secret, but there’s a bolder way to get those desires burning.And whatever happens in the vacation stays in the vacation, other than the memories and the thrills, of course.Here is a list of sizzling naughty tips to turn you and your partner on, and increase your libido all at once.


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