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As a result, high school and middle school have been identifies as he most critical periods for implementing dating violence strategies (Fernández-González, L., Wekerle, C., & Goldstein, 2012).

Technology has been frequently used to perpetrate teen dating violence with far reaching effects.

There exist about three evidence-based primary prevention programs for Teen Dating Violence; however there seems to be significant gaps in the intervention programs of TDV in theory and practice.

The existing programs have not been evaluated in the context of high-risk urban environments in spite the fact that the highest prevalence of TDV is recorded in these settings.

Another challenge with the prevention programs has been that except for survey based estimates, there have been no community level indicators for teen dating violence.

There is a need to identify the context of teen dating violence and develop prevention programs that address TDV in its context such high-risk urban areas (Rizzo, 2009).

Teen Dating Violence (TDV)According to a survey done Centre for Disease Control (CDC) labelled Youth Risk Behaviour Survey, 1 in every 10 high school students are experiencing physical violence committed by a partner every year.

This finding has remained constant in the last one decade (Tharp, 2011, p.17-61).

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Teen dating violence (TDV) or dating violence or recently termed as teen intimate partner violence is the form of violence perpetrated against a person in or intents to be in a communal or romantic relationship that is naturally personal with the violated teen.Technology use incorporates threat of violence and fear in that partners have used phones to inflict fear on their partners to an extend that the partners become afraid of receiving calls, responding to emails, text messages or IM with the fear of how they are going to react.10% of teens surveyed shoed that they have received physical threats through emails, IM chats or text messages.Previous studies that have dug deeper in multiple forms of TDV have also shown that 25% (1 in every four) teens report incidences of dating violence while between 15% and 40% of those surveyed have perpetrated dating violence.Teen dating violence has been associated with factors such as emotional, social, social-economic, physical and academic variables that culminate into depression, drug and substance use, physical injury, failure in academic performance and low self-esteem.Social networks have been used to commit TDV through instant messaging, excessive text messaging, abusive messages and inappropriate posting of personal and emotional details on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and My Space.One in every four teens in a relationship, have been abused, harassed, called names or put down by their dating partners through cell phones or messaging.Teen dating violence has been recorded in both opposite-sex relationships as well as same-sex relationships as well as between partners that cohabit and non-cohabiting partners.Teen dating violence takes place between the age of 11 and 21 years.In addition, the existing prevention programs do not have a community-wide program with the ability to address risk factors using multiple strategies (Fernández-González, L., Wekerle, C., & Goldstein, 2012).In addition, these intervention or prevention programs have not been implemented by public health infrastructure or any other concerned public institution except for domestic and sexual violence movements and community-based organizations.


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