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Furry adult chat

She migrated into SL a couple of years later and after several different iterations wound up in her current and most persistent form.

To explain it, her lower legs and feet are those of a horse, she even has three horse tails.

I've been interested in joining a therian wolf pack in my area for many months now but have had trouble finding people that live in my county.

If you are a therian (no matter what species you see yourself as) please let me know!

Link: https:// We should probably do something to celebrate St. We had record turnout last month, let's keep this going!

---- When: March 18th 9PM - March 19th 1AMWhere: AMF Mt.

The May Furbowl is scheduled and it'll be held on the 20th! -Manick Hey there everyone, my fursona's name is Reilianna, some of you may know her from Second Life, I've been there more thanna few years!

So if you have an idea or a game that you would like to share during the convention, please go to the Anthrocon Website, click the "Got an Idea? " link in the left menu bar and fill out the Google Document that it links to. I just recently moved to the Lancaster area, hoping to perhaps connect with anyone local or reasonable driving distance away.

Got a couple friends out this way but would love to make more! The details are below: What: NEPA Furs Meet #2Where: Ricketts Glen State Park, 695 State Route 487, Benton, PA 17814 (Pavilion #2)When: Saturday May 20th, 2016* (11 AM - 3 PM) Details: The second meet-up of Northeast PA furries! I live in the Springfield/Clifton Heights area of PA.

We had 3 events last year which were all successful with 10-20 furs attending each one.

To RSVP or get more info on this event please follow the link below.


  1. Sep 14, 2016. Here comes yet another chat system promising to bring the world together one community at a time which that system is called "Furry Amino". Telegram's policy towards adult material takes the liberal stance of if it's painted/drawn then it is considered “art” versus photography which is porn. Telegram is.

  2. Furry Tales. Two children and adult woman petting guinea pig. Furry Tales is a story time program ideal for children ages 2-4 and their parents. Each month features a picture storybook read by one of our humane educators, followed by a craft and special time with an animal. Furry Tales takes place once a month at the.

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