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Galih ginanjar dating

Serial ini akan ditayangkan di stasiun Korea, tv N, mulai akhir Mei dan turut dibintangi oleh Lee Jong Hyuk, Lee Chun Hee dan Hong Jong Hyun.Full Name : Sigit Purnomo Syamsuddin Said Nickname : Pasha Place / Date of birth : Donggala, 27 November 1979Wife's Name : Okie Calerista Agustina Children's Name : Kisya Alvaro Putra Sigit, Shakinah Azalea Napasha. Even so, Intan Ayu holds if the event Miss Universe and Miss World are still needed to convince the world about the culture and also security in the country."Still need to do to me.He's an Indonesian sexy actors and Indonesia cute male model , but not Asian male nude models.Vino Bastian is the youngest son Bastian Tito, fighting script-writer through the famous series Wiro Sableng which have famous weapon Kapak Maut Naga Geni 212 and a mad teacher Eyang Sinto Gendeng.

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Baru-baru ini mereka merilis foto terbaru Bae Doo Na yang berkonsep artistik, unik dan misterius.

Vino is nominated for his movie Radit and Jani which made him become the Most Favorite Actor in Indonesian Movie Awards 2008, beating Nicholas Saputra.

I think, he's the most sexiest actors and the cutest male in Indonesian..* 30 Day Search for Love / 30 Hari Mencari Cinta (2004), play with Nirina Zubir, Dinna Olivia and Revaldo, Penis Panjang* End Note School / Catatan Akhir Sekolah (2005), with Marcel Chandrawinata, Christian Sugiono, Joanna Alexandra, directed by Hanung Bramantyo* Images and The Box / Foto Kotak dan Jendela(2006), play with Christian Sugiono, Noveleta Dinar.* Reality, Love and Rock'n Roll / Realita, Cinta dan Rock'n Roll (2006), with Herjunot Ali, Nadine Chandrawinata, Sandy Harun, Penis Besar* Message From Heaven / Pesan Dari Surga (2006), with Luna Maya, Rianti Cartwright, Catherine Wilson and Davina Veronica* Badai Pasti Berlalu (2007), Raihaanun, Winky Wiryawan and Davina Veronica* About Love / Tentang Cinta (2007), with Sheila Marcia, Fedi Nuril, Penis* Radit and Jani / Radit dan Jani (2008), with Fahrani Empel, an Indonesian supermodel Biodata Rezky Aditya : Full Name : Rezky Aditya Alternative Name : Rizky Aditya Place / Date of birth : Jakarta, 26 Februari 1985Zodiak : Pisces Relationship : Livi (was), Nia Ramadhani (just gossip)Occupation : Actors Education : Bina Nusantara University, majoring Industrial Engineering Hobby : Basket, Hangout Judul Sinetron : Cinderella, as Rama play with Cinta Laura, Galih Ginanjar Luna Benci Jadi Cinta Peluk Aku 3 Menit Putri Suci, as Dennis playing with Bunga Zainal, Miller and Bayu Kusumanegara* Melati Untuk Marvel, as Marvel playing with Chelsea Olivia Wijaya (Melati), Fendy Chow (Dika), Neshia Putri (Shafa), Chris Laurent (Aditya), Afifah Syahira (Aurel), Gracia Indri (Kezia) Photo Pictures Fotos.

Religion : Islam Zodiak : Sagitarius EDUCATION:* ABA-ABI Academy (not finished)Carrer : Vocalist UNGU Band MUSIC ALBUM:1. First, there may be some things that can be the face of Indonesia.

It's a pro, but there is also the place level-if such is not necessary, followed by Indonesia, which still respects the traditional orient.


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