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when im was about 6 years old i have two older Brothers they were 8 and 10 at that time.. I mostly remembered my brother crying and when I looked over and ask if he was okay. The summer I turned 13 was a pivotal time for me and my sexuality.My mom and dad is divorced but we are living with our dad.. I was a bit taller than most my age and definitely a little more developed, which with an uncontrollable hard on was a major embarrassment most of the time.He gave me some Budweiser and then asked me to take my... Family, friends, people in the street, everyone wanted to touch me, to kiss me, to play with me, and it wasn't just women, it was men too.I was 10 yo and staying at my grandparents house for the summer, like usual. They said I was too pretty to be a boy, they said I should...

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My father, my father's best friend which was our neighbor, my brother and my dad's best friend's boys all were involved. I was playing house with a girl 4 years older than me and she... At 4 and 5, I remember bits and pieces of my brother’s abuse, by my step-father.

Later in life I found out he had molested a few other young teenage boys.

I changed this horrible event that made me a submissive...

I was 12 or 13 when my mum suggested that I got myself a little Saturday job.

Must admit most of my friends had some little money earner going on for them.


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