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A former barroom brawler, Hackman has a reputation for being difficult, for having run-ins with directors.

His authority problem dates back to his troubled youth with an alcoholic mother and a father who deserted them in 1943, living with his maternal grandmother.

American actor, versatile with a force of personality, a bottled-up quality that springs from deep personal reserve.

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Besides the Oscars, Hackman has won three Golden Globes and two BAFTAs.

Later, he would study at the University of Illinois on the G. Bill, while maintaining a series of menial jobs, from doorman to furniture mover.

At thirty, he still had no idea what his true calling was.

Hackman uses the public's support to get a law passed through the US Government to ban stem-cells so Christopher cannot get them anymore.

Somehow, Christopher gets imprisoned in the "Phantom Zone" glass pane and sent into outer space like the super villains from Superman II.


  1. Gene Hackman is a former American actor. Among other roles, he played Lex Luthor opposite.

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