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Globalization and dating

After all, it is the reason they joined the dating pond in the first place.The fact that people are joining dating sites is, indeed, a progressive step forward in the quest for love because either they think they have nothing to lose or they want more control in carefully selecting their partner.If a person puts on their profile that they are 6’4’’, 200 lbs and that they do body building, you’re inclined to believe them because if someone lies on their profile, once the face-to-face encounter happens the lies will unravel.

Firstly, it is a new area of society that has not been researched and discussed much, thus it is important to gain understanding about a large facet of contemporary society.

I think of online dating sites as separate ponds and each separate pond is a different dating site.

It is a large grouping of people looking for relatively the same thing, a romantic relationship, or sometimes just a sexual or nonsexual relationship, regardless they are all looking for relationships whatever kind it may be.

According to the research done for the Journal of Computer-mediated Communication, “information and communication technologies (ICTs) shape and are shaped by social practices” (Ellison, Heino & Gibbs, 2).

ICTs have the ability to do two things, enhance or constrain communication and our ability to connect with others.


  1. Globalization is a complex topic which has affected the way people live and interact with each other all over the world. e-mail, online dating.

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