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Government supplies consolidating service

Ordering activities may request copies of schedules publications by contacting the Centralized Mailing List Service through the Internet at , or by completing GSA Form 457, FSS Publications Mailing List Application, and mailing it to the GSA Centralized Mailing List Service (7SM), P. (c) (1) GSA offers an on-line shopping service called “GSA Advantage!

” through which ordering activities may place orders against Schedules. to place orders through GSA’s Global Supply System, a GSA wholesale supply source, formerly known as “GSA Stock” or the “Customer Supply Center.” FAR . enables ordering activities to search specific information (i.e., national stock number, part number, common name), review delivery options, place orders directly with Schedule contractors (except see (1) e-Buy, GSA's electronic Request for Quotation (RFQ) system, is a part of a suite of on-line tools which complement GSA Advantage!

A list of eligible ordering activities is available at (click “For Customers Ordering from Schedules” and then “Eligibility to Use GSA Sources”). The Federal Supply Schedule program is directed and managed by GSA and provides Federal agencies (see ) with a simplified process for obtaining commercial supplies and services at prices associated with volume buying.

“Multiple Award Schedule (MAS)” means contracts awarded by GSA or the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for similar or comparable supplies, or services, established with more than one supplier, at varying prices. Indefinite delivery contracts are awarded to provide supplies and services at stated prices for given periods of time.

For example, the requiring agency shall make a determination that use of the Federal Supply Schedule is the best procurement approach, in accordance with (b) of “consolidation” or “bundling”; and (3) Must, whether placed by the requiring agency, or on behalf of the requiring agency, be consistent with the requiring agency's statutory and regulatory requirements applicable to the acquisition of the supply or service. Supplies offered on the schedule are listed at fixed prices.

When satisfying requirements from non-mandatory sources, see regarding consideration of small business, veteran-owned small business, service-disabled veteran-owned small business, HUBZone small business, small disadvantaged business (including 8(a) participants), and women-owned small business concerns. Federal Supply Schedules, Governmentwide acquisition contracts, multi-agency contracts, and any other procurement instruments intended for use by multiple agencies, including blanket purchase agreements (BPAs) under Federal Supply Schedule contracts (e.g., Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative (FSSI) agreements accessible at , Contractor Use of Mandatory Sources of Supply and Services, in solicitations and contracts that require a contractor to provide supplies or services for Government use that are on the Procurement List maintained by the Committee for Purchase From People Who Are Blind or Severely Disabled.

The contracting officer shall identify in the contract schedule the supplies or services that shall be purchased from a mandatory source and the specific source.

(c) In accordance with section 1427(b) of Public Law 108-136 (40 U. This class deviation is effective on Mar 13, 2014, and remains in effect until incorporated in the DFARS or otherwise rescinded.

(e)(1)(iii)) do not apply to BPAs or orders placed against Federal Supply Schedules contracts (but see 8.405-5).


  1. Jun 3, 2015. All comments received will be posted without change to including any personal and/or business confidential information provided. 1 Means the consolidating or combining of two or more requirements for supplies or services, previously provided or performed under separate.

  2. In addition, the Government reserves the right to further set aside this requirement for specific small business socio-economic categories. Title, Date, Type. PBS Region 3 Maryland and West Virginia Design-Build Multiple Award IDIQ, 11/22/2017, Consolidation. The General Services Administration GSA, Public Building.

  3. Dec 1, 2006. binders of background materials assembled to assist the legislators in their deliberations. The provided materials covered a wide range of topics in the areas of consolidation, shared services, the regionalization or consolidation of schools and school services, and. State government agency consolidation.

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