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Smiley faces don’t work.’Microsoft revealed earlier this year that it would be rolling out an AI chatbot that can be used to respond to call center requests.The virtual assistant is designed to let people describe issues, and respond with suggestions from the user manual or help documents, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.For the most part, chatbots have been well received, with customers showing their appreciation through emojis, ‘thanks’ replies, and even marriage proposals, Rob Alexander, CIO of Capital One Financial Corp, told the Wall Street Journal blog, CIO Journal.Capital One launched its chatbot Eno this past fall to help customers check balances and make payments, among other tasks.While 'Woebot' engages in 2 million conversations a week, some experts have cited privacy fears as chatbot 'patients' are not protected by US confidentiality laws. Mitsuku is your new virtual friend and is here 24 hours a day just to talk to you. Babylon is one of a growing number of digital health start-ups offering a private GP service.It offers consultation via video and chat features for a monthly subscription.

which first published the story, that the original report was “factually incorrect and deeply misleading”.The experts behind the bot say it was created to help people have important conversations before it's too late.The chatbot was designed by a team of doctors, hospital chaplains and scientists for people within a year of the end of their life, New Scientist reports.Capital One launched its chatbot Eno this past fall An end-of-life chatbot that helps terminally ill patients struggling with tough decisions is being tested by researchers.The tablet-based bot can help guide people near the end of their lives through a number of difficult issues, including funeral plans, wills and spiritual questions.Subsequently, a decision was taken not to fund the pilot.” A spokesperson for the CCGs said: “As part of the conversation, some people did indicate they would try and use the app to get a GP appointment quicker.From AI personalities that can help you order a meal, to chatbots designed to relay your banking information, companies are increasingly turning to artificial intelligence to improve the consumer experience.Experts say these messaging services have taken off in the last year, and will likely expand further in months to come – but, they warn the use of bots can blur the line between business and personal interactions.As AI continue to grow as conversationalists, exchanges between humans and chatbots have begun to edge into ‘flirty’ territory, which can affect customers’ trust in the service.The recently unveiled ‘Woebot,’ for example, is designed to help people with mental health issues by chatting with them on Facebook Messenger.According to the team behind the service, it’s been shown to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.


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