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Guitarist dating who is nick simmons dating 2016

But there was something so very romantic, and cool, of course, too, about being in a relationship with a musician.

The fact that they could take my two great loves — the written word and music — and combine the two, made them, in my mind, true artists (and an artist I wanted to bang).

Never let others handle somebody's instruments for a cool instragram picture or to try and remember how to play a song you learned in 5th grade.

So make sure we give permission to touch and handle!

During her Las Vegas performance at Caesars Palace on May 17, the 48-year-old songbird shared an obviously tender moment with Girouard.

“Kevin couldn’t take his eyes off Celine — and who could blame him! “She looked better than ever, especially in that tiny dress.” PHOTOS: Final Resting Place Of Celine Dion’s Husband Revealed “And Celine was definitely enjoying the attention,” noted the onlooker.

In the beginning, this didn’t go over so well with my parents.

It was one thing to have dated musicians, photographers, and painters all through my 20s, but to actually marry a struggling artist was a completely different thing.

A guitar is essentially an expansion of yourself, so we always treat them with the upmost love and care.

• Musicians/Artists regularly get groupies after all their shows. And to every dude dreaming of becoming a rock star just for the chicks, I may have just shattered your hopes and dreams.

Sorry (but not sorry), the truth is you’ll never make it on that motivation alone.

My opinion is that most men are doing it totally wrong. Therefore, the one thing that I’m always lacking is time.

Almost daily, I see some loser guy acting like a savage in order to get a woman’s attention. But the reality though is that when women meet me, they immediately start thinking I’m a player once they find out I’m an r&b singer. I’m a digital marketing analyst, a singer, songwriter, producer and as of last year, I’ve been documenting all of my music experiences via my blog and as a contributing writer to Digital Music News. Aside from that – I have very ambitious long term career goals, and I’m pretty busy trying to achieve them.


  1. Jun 3, 2016. Celine Dion's late husband, René Angélil, managed every aspect of her career — including finding his own replacement for his beloved widow! Nearly a year before he passed away on Jan. 14 at age 73 following a long cancer battle, Angélil fired Celine's longtime guitarist, and replaced him with a.

  2. We always have preferences when you go out to date someone. Dating, however, could go beyond just dating anyone but dating the right person that represents the image you have in your mind. Being with a guitarist could mean a lot to your personality. You understand music more than you ever have, and it is spectacular.

  3. Dating a musician, especially a guitarist, can be a highly satisfying experience for the wealth of creativity they can bring in a relationship. Here are thus some tips on meeting and dating a guitarist. Hang out at the right places. If you wish to date a guitarist, first of all you have to know where to find them. Unlike the ordinary.

  4. Feb 23, 2016. I've also produced records, played sets at bars, and taught guitar lessons. Why Dating As a Musician Is So Hard. Here's a slide that came straight out of a presentation I gave to Mike King, founder of iPullRank. I was interviewing for a role at his company and ended up getting hired as an SEO Analyst.

  5. Free Musician Dating Community. If you ever wanted to Date someone in the Music Business Join Now!

  6. Things You Should Know Before Dating a Musician. I'm gonna write you, like, 12 songs that will blow your mind. but also I'm never around. By Lane Moore. Mar 3, 2015. Universal Pictures. 1. People will hit on them after shows and you will usually be there watching it happen. It is important that you do not act like a dick.

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