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Hannah tointon dating inbetweener

The actress recently went on to star in Mr Selfridge.

She also appeared in Call The Midwife and Death In Paradise.

I've never had cojones to be a player, and I don’t know any men who do.

Some imply these lots of girls, and never see them again after one night, but I don’t know that’s actually true".

He also used to share a flat with Simon Bird, which we hope was nothing like the time the lads went to Crete in James Buckley is no longer knee-deep in clunge as wannabe womaniser Jay.According to recent reports, actress Hannah Tointon is engaged to her long time boyfriend Joe Thomas.Hannah and her beau Thomas have been together since 2010 and they are now thinking of getting married.We don’t write the show so it’s not down to us.” He added: "We could do the ­originals ten years down the line, married with kids." They were the most famous children of their time, but it seems now that they've dissapeared off the face of the earth! She now looks completely different, dying her blonde locks brunette for a new role, and has over 54k Instagram followers.She's recently been announced to star in Patrick, a new Disney film alongside Jennifer Saunders, and is also in new film, Lies We Tell.“I love those guys and I would love to work with them again.We have spoken about it but it’s not really in our hands. Check out what our favourite child stars look like now...The close friends of the couple also asserted that they are going to get hitched very soon.In a recent event, when Hannah was asked about her relationship, she declined to comment.Emily, now 28, has previously opened up and revealed that her The Inbetweeners role made dating difficult – because men just wanted to talk about the show. Hannah is the younger sister of former East Enders and Strictly Come Dancing star Kara.She has also appeared in Doctors, The Inbetweeners Movie,and M. She had found fame in Hollyoaks before joining The Inbetweeners.


  1. Ever wondered what Jay, Will, Simon and Neil from The Inbetweeners are doing now? Here are the answers

  2. Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon are apparently planning to. Simon, started dating 29-year-old Hannah. wedding of fellow Inbetweener Blake.

  3. Hannah Tointon and boyfriend Joe Thomas, who have been dating since 2010, are getting married. Get the full scoop right here.

  4. Inbetweener stars Hannah Tointon and Joe Thomas are reportedly engaged in real life Getty. after seven years of dating. NEW PICTURES 7.

  5. However it seems that Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon have taken their relationship to the next. is trying to get back at him by dating Scott.

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