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Heilig meyers liquidating trust

Plan Administrator in ASARCO LLC Chapter 11 case (S.

Y.), and MF Global UK Limited insolvency special administration (UK).

Critical vendor and contract party in General Motors Chapter 11 case. Investment banker for employment issues in various Chapter 11 cases.

Critical vendor and contract party in Chrysler Chapter 11 case. Contract party in Global Power Equipment Chapter 11 cases. Adversary defendant in Enron Corporation Chapter 11 case. Public Housing Authority as senior secured creditor in various Chapter 11 cases.

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  1. Streaming Docket Updates from Large Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Cases. Heilig-Meyers Company. Liquidating Trust of ResMAE Mortgage Corporation.

  2. In Re RFC and RESCAP Liquidating Trust Litigation, No. 13cv03451 - Document 2502. In re Heilig-Meyers Co. 328 B. R. 471, 480 E. D. Va. 2005.

  3. Case Title Court Case No Chp Date Filed Closed Disposition; Waddell Construction Company Virginia Eastern -bk-11031 11 09/07/1983 04/19/1996 Pegasus.

  4. Dion W. Hayes Dion W. Hayes. Heilig-Meyers Company as Chapter 11 debtor. Post-confirmation Liquidating Trustee in The Austin Company Chapter 11 case.

  5. Bankruptcy, Restructuring and Creditors’ Rights. four metal finishing company subsidiaries in liquidating Chapter 11 cases in the. Heilig-Meyers Company.

  6. Learn more about David Garlock, Interim Chief Financial Officer, Bridge Associates including contact information, career history, news and intelligence.

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