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Group A Strep is one of the most serious causes of upper respiratory infections, and the major cause of pharyngitis which, if left untreated, can lead to serious complications such as rheumatic fever, acute sinusitis, scarlet fever and glomerulonephritis.This test is for waived labs with a current Certificate of Waiver.And because Deep Speech samples audio many times a second, the hidden text can be much longer than what’s actually heard, up to a limit of 50 characters per second of audio.Hidden audio could be used to sneak messages past human listeners, or to fool computer transcription programs.In a paper published to the pre-print server the It has to do with how machine learning algorithms recognize speech.Considering the full range of possible letter combinations that each audio sample could potentially contain is prohibitively difficult, so algorithms calculate what amounts to an educated guess.Using a speech recognition program with unknown machinations would make it much harder to hack.In addition, these examples are targeted specifically at Deep Speech, so a different speech recognition program wouldn’t pick up on the hidden audio.

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Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac (FR) found that grape juice preserved for over a year by the Appert method would upon opening ferment within a few days. Deutsche Medizinische Wochenschrift 19: 341-44 1905. You hear one thing, but the computer hears another. Two researchers from the University of California, Berkeley have exploited the technique computers use to decode human speech to hide messages inside snippets of audio.When translated by a speech recognition program like Mozilla’s Deep Speech, the computer ends up transcribing the hidden message instead of the sounds we hear.An algorithm will map each bit of audio it samples to a probability distribution of possible letters and characters, and pick the most likely.Training the algorithm on many different audio samples is what lets it get good at guessing the correct one.The method basically involves hiding a quiet sample of the audio you actually want transcribed within a different portion of audio.The “secret message” registers to humans as nothing more than a bit of background noise, but because of the way computers process audio, they pick up on the hidden audio clearly.But it might not necessarily be so easy to hack speech recognition programs.Because they used Deep Speech, which has its code openly available, the researchers used what’s called a “white box” approach, which means that they knew everything about how the program works.He introduced some small and intact grapes into a bell jar standing over mercury. He filled the jar several times with hydrogen gas to displace any oxygen and he then ruptured the grapes by means of an iron rod and watched the effect.


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  4. NEW%21%21 The CLIAwaived%99 Inc. Rapid Strep A is a lateral-flow%2C membranebased immunoassay for the qualitative detection of Group A Streptococcal antigen from.

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