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Soon, others followed Le Zun’s examples, and carved their own temples into the sandstone cliffs.

The following centuries saw the rise and fall of numerous dynasties in China.

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The lack of interest shown by the Chinese officials eventually led to the fall of these priceless documents into the hands of Western scholars.

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According to one source, the Mogao Grottoes have been described as “the largest, most richly endowed, and longest used treasure house of Buddhist art in the world”.

The Mogao Grottoes span a distance of 1.6 km (0.99 miles) from north to south, and contain as many as 492 known cells and cave sanctuaries.

As new trade routes became utilized more often in the following centuries, the importance of Dunhuang also declined.

This chamber was originally constructed as a memorial cave for a local monk on his death in the 9th century AD.

Due to the discovery of the cache of documents within it, however, it is known today as the ‘Library Cave’.

The Mogao Grottoes serve as a testimony to the high level of sophistication that was achieved by Dunhuang during its heyday.

The Mogao Grottoes are famed for their statues and wall paintings, and it is best known for its showcase of a thousand years of Buddhist art.


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