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Hot or not for dating

The company behind the app -- London-based Badoo -- would not reveal user numbers in other markets, though the app is available in over 30 languages.The Hot or Not mobile app originally launched in May 2013.Say we take Anderson’s account at face value as well as the confession of the girl.

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” On one hand I want to believe this young man’s account because I want to believe that not every young man is a factory of raging hormones looking for a release by any means necessary–a nod to a Camille Paglia. In a few days I’d like to follow-up on a few other issues that I can’t yet cover in this post which will include results from the questions above as well as the poll attached and why I am actually against the sex offender list in general. You can select on the left whether you would like to rate girls, or guys.Rate sexy people hot or not by choosing a rating of 1-10, or click their profile and meet them today.Lying about one’s age on a dating app is an occurrence as old as time.So what are the consequences for lying about one’s age in a situation that could do harm and damage to the other person’s life?I’ve been wracking my brain to see how this might be justified but I just don’t see it.Even as I write this I’m thinking, “But what if this is all I setup?Users can also chat through the app, provided they rate one another as 'hot'."Since 2000, the Hot or Not brand has been an inspiration behind some of the most popular platforms and products currently available to consumers including But the app is not for the faint of heart.Problem is, Anderson doesn’t belong on the sex offender list.Anderson landed on this list after an encounter with a young woman he met on the dating app “Hot or Not.” The girl lived just across the state line in Michigan and posed as a 17-year-old.


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